Yoruba Records has been a force in the dance music scene since its first release in 1999. Operated by acclaimed artist, producer Osunlade. Yoruba was founded on the ideals of the beliefs of Ifa and has given us some of the most consistent and diverse music ranging from deep house to soulful jazz. The focus is always great song writing and uncompromised production. Although dance has been its core in the past, the label has stretched out and experimented with jazz, soul and alternative electronic releases. Still considered the go to label for simply good music, Yoruba has survived and transformed as the times change. With an array of artists offering completely different styles, Yoruba is about integrity. From conception, the label’s spiritual connection has been its priority. Guided by the energies and vibrations allowing ones passion to create not only classics but honest music that reflect the soul of each artist. With more than 300 releases we continue to push the boundaries within ourselves and hope the music follows suit.