Kompakt is a record store, an international distributor, a record label and the home of the “Cologne sound”. Launched in 1998 by Wolfgang Voigt, Jurgen Paape and Michael Mayer upon the back of pre-existing labels Profan and Auftrieb, Kompakt soon developed its signature “Cologne Sound” – a mix of minimalism, melody, and melancholy, often with an underlying pop sensibility. Over the past seven years Kompakt’s inherent love of melody and emotion has seen the label embrace such seemingly disparate styles as ambient, minimal techno, tech-house, shuffle-tech, trance, and pop. The creation of sub-labels such as Kompakt Pop and Kompakt Extra hints at the diverse and ever-growing nature of the label. Thanks to its distribution network, it’s become a key player in the electronic music scene in Europe helping such labels as Traum, Musik Krause, Sender, and Dial.