After the year ID&T was founded, ID&T made hardcore history; the first Thunderdome release was born....

the first time the wizard made way into the homes of all hardcore heads....

It was an impression of dark sounds & fast beats, still in a very experimental stage.

This CD was produced by a group with the name: ‘The Dreamteam’ that excisted out of four dj's: Ferry ‘Gizmo’ Salee, Daniel ‘Dano’ Leeflang, Dov j ‘The Prophet’ Elkabas and Mark ‘Buzz Fuzz’ Vos.

It was a beginning of much things to come, and memories that lasted a lifetime. It was plain obvious" The Wizard" could not be stopped! Thunderdome was qonquering Holland...and infecting it with a brand people still cherish today!

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