Pilot6 Recordings

As you might know, the Armada office is based in a building called ‘Pilot 6’. And what’s close to home, feels good. Pilot 6 is a steady ground to rising talents and established artist. Pilot 6 is known for its deep, dreamy progressive and soft trancy feel. Tracks that’ll make you float a couple of meters above the ground. The first release, ‘Glenn Morrison - No Sudden Moves’ was at the top position of several charts for over a month. Need we say more?

PILOT001 Glenn Morrison - No Sudden Moves / Circles

PILOT002 Arnej - Rendezvous / People Come, People Go

PILOT003 Robert Nickson - Narc

PILOT004 Envotion ft. Misia Furtak - Familiar Places

PILOT005 Eddie Williams - Gestation

PILOT006 Kismet - Revolution / Lifetimes

PILOT007 Thomas Didrik - Faded / Stardust

PILOT008 Glenn Morrison - In A Trance / Gravity Falling

PILOT009 Isma-Ae vs. Strobe - Monkey Square

PILOT010 Kismet - Audiophile

PILOT011 Umek vs. Beltek - Army of Two

PILOT012 Arnej - 7 Days / Bella

PILOT013 Da Others - Flight 887

PILOT014 Envotion - 12 Hours Straight / Macho Madness

PILOT015 Umek vs Beltek - Option To Stimulate / Lifetime Use

PILOT016 Kismet - Staten Island / Empty Streets

PILOT017 Rowald Steyn - Hold Control / Revolution

PILOT018 M.I.K.E. presents Caromax - Logic / Oasis Of Dreams

PILOT019 Umek vs. Beltek - Is It / Longer Trail