Plus beat is a feeling that one has, and the disk can not wait to put on track to make him feel to your friends, and the desire to enjoy those unique moments, you're looking for in so many places and situations, but perhaps only music can convey.Plus beat comes from the experiences of boys growing up years in hybrids, the real trend may not follow anyone, so DO IT YOURSELF has been, and remains our philosophy and our way of acting and communicating to others our emotions We have united and distinguished even in the unthinkable-surreal.Plus beat is a continuous construction of sounds and images, is the laughter of all the friends who take planes, trains forgiveness, rent a car, but after hours of travel are still out of breath in our land, different from all others by vocation.Plus beat arises in the summers of Salento, stems from the friendships summer evenings from where it is not clear how many cars we are, where those warm nights after the evening maybe there's sometimes even diving into the water Sunday morning,always imagined in his sleep in your bed,Plus beat is what we still have to say, a starting point, a new identity card with photo of group,maybe it's when you dance in the middle of the night and around look and smile, and you think..