Fondazione:: 1 gennaio 2006

Italo Business and Relogical are labels formed in the late 2005 by Dandi & Ugo and Piatto. Based in the Italian "East Coast", the "Italo Business Label Group" becoming a well knowly electronic music pusher thanks to the support and collaboration of many international talented producers. How to submit a demo. Firstly NEVER attach MP3 files to emails. If someone attaches an MP3, it goes in the trashcan immediately. Don’t submit a work in progress. You must specify a contact email address and include a press kit with your submission if possible. Submit your demo track sending us a streaming link that don't expire to: If we feel that our services will benefit you, and vice-versa, we will contact you. Please do not take it personal if you don’t get a response.It simply means that Italo Business Records may not be the best label for you.