• ''Provenzano Dj''

    Amerigo Provenzano in arte ''Provenzano dj'' è un dj, un produttore e un radiofonico da oltre 20 anni.
    Attualmente conduce un programma giornaliero nell'emittente italiana m2o musica allo stato puro 
    (Gruppo Elemedia Deejay-Capital-m2o),il programma si chiama 'Provenzano dj show'.

    Il Provenzano dj show è in onda dal lunedi al venerdi dalle 4 alle 5 del
    pomeriggio, nel programma interamente mixato Provenzano propone la migliore
    musica del panorama mondiale e fa informazione musicale orientata soprattutto 
    al mondo dei deejay e del clubbing mondiale, insieme a lui conduce Manuela Doriani
    famosa speaker e Deejay Italiana.

    Per m2o musica allo stato puro, Provenzano realizza la compilation ufficiale della radio
    ''m2o compilation'' in uscita ogni 4 mesi in edicola e in tutti i negozi di dischi,sempre
    con grandi successi nelle vendite. 

    Per ulteriori informazioni e ascoltare il programma:

    Provenzano dj è anche un produttore discografico ed ha realizzato moltissimi
    lavori per artisti internazionali tra i quali:

    Greg Cerrone - Taking control of you 
    Fedde Le Grand - scared of me, 
    Axwell Ingrosso Angello e Laidback luke - Leave the world behind 
    Bingo Players - i will follow
    Dabruck&Klein - The feeling
    Fedde Le Grand - Back&Forth

    Nel 2010 con lo pseudonimo di Reder8, Provenzano realizza la traccia 'Amazing'
    che diventa una vera hit nel mondo club supportata da tutti i top deejay mondiali
    come : Swedish house mafia,Steve Angello,Chuckie,Laidback Luke,Tiesto,Erik Morillo
    e moltissimi altri.

    Per info e video:

    Per l'estate 2011 Provenzano realizza The Fabulous - Mariguana Cha cha cha
    suonato in molti network Italiani e in tutte le discoteche italiane, il brano diventa
    anche la colonna sonora delle spot tv della compilation di m2o.

    Per vedere il video di Mariguna:

    Per vedere lo spot Tv:

    Attualmente Provenzano Dj è in tour nelle migliori discoteche Italiane ed Europee
    insieme al suo vocalist Sandro Bit.

    Ecco i link per vedere i video di alcune serate di Provenzano Dj:

    Nel 2010 con lo pseudonimo di Reder8 Provenzano realizza la traccia 'Amazing'
    che diventa una vera hit club e viene supportata dai più grossi deejays mondiali
    come Swedish House Mafia, Steve Angello, Chuckie,Laidback Luke, Tiesto ed Erik Morillo solo per citarne alcuni.

    Nell'estate 2011 è la volta di The Fabulous - Mariguana Cha Cha Cha
    suonato da molti networks Italiani ed nelle discoteche italiane, il brano diventa inoltre
    la colonna sonora delle spot tv della compilation di m2o.

    Nel 2012 inizia la collaborazione con il team di Henry John Morgan con il quale
    realizza Turn You On feat The Audio Dogs ed il nuovissimo singolo Touch The Sky
    cantato da Amanda Wilson e con i Rmxs di Federico Scavo e Paris & Simo.
    Provenzano ha recentemente partecipato al Festival SoundRome
    al fianco di artisti internazionali come Tiesto, Sebastian Ingrosso, Max Vangeli, Congorock, Nicky Romero, etc.


    Amerigo Provenzano was born in Rome in 1970 where he spent his childhood growing up with a deep felt passion for the evolution of technology, a passion that compelled him towards the very first computers that were made available to the general public. Since then this passion has continued and it has marked out a path for him to follow that has changed his life forever. 

    At the experimental age of 15 Amerigo’s love of music and deejaying compelled him to dismantle his family’s record player in an effort to adjust its pitch control, this was soon followed by the construction of his very first mixer. With this homemade equipment at hand he could now finally take his fist steps as a DJ. This early period was characterized by numerous pilgrimages to specialized music shops, home parties and mix-tapes that he used to sell on to his friends who were also slowly becoming his fan-base. During these years he often tuned in to a radio program hosted by a DJ that made him understand and realize that this was in fact the distinct path of which he should pursue.

    Then in 1990 Amerigo’s dream began to take form when he found a job at a radio station (and not just any radio station, the most noted one in the center of Italy), RDS, Radio Dimensione Suono. Whilst working on this national radio station Amerigo began to pick up and learn the various communication dynamics that go with such a job, specifically how to make your music reach a large audience whilst catering for their various musical preferences; this experience played a vital role on his professional development, impacting on his performance side as well as his production skills.

    Whilst at RDS Amerigo brought a wealth of ideas to the table including that of his passion for IT which revolutionized the stations post-production by introducing the hard disc recording system, something still unheard of in those days where the station was used to running things on their old reel based system. 

    With a continual growth in popularity he began to tour all over Italy where he played his ‘Dimensione Dance’ program as well as his ‘Top Ten Dance’ chart (the latter being developed in partnership with Paolo Bolognesi) and in 1995 he was awarded the prestigious Telegatto for ‘The Best Music Chart In Italy’.

    His work gained him a high level of popularity and demand, something that can be seen through his development of the Top Selling compilation series ‘Hit Mania Dance’ which earned him two Golden and one Platinum Discs. 

    Through his hard work at the radio, Radio Dimensione Suono became the leading and most well known radio station in Italy. Amerigo’s career was just leaving the Launchpad however and the true turning point arrived in 2002 when one of Italy’s most powerful Editorial companies approached him with an offer to develop, in partnership with Tamburini, Bolognesi and Farra, a new national radio program that would feature a 24/7 specifically targeted audience, the young… 
    This was an incredible and unique opportunity which led to the development of ‘m2o Musica Allo Stato Puro’ (m2o Pure Music) which in just a few years became a phenomenal success becoming THE reference point for all Italian true music lovers and a springboard for all the latest electronic related recording trends. 

    As usual Amerigo’s passion for IT continued and he constantly challenged himself for further developments, it was through his IT related musical ideas that he began to produce a new daily program (from 3pm to 5pm) that featured his exclusive and unique mixing method providing the very best in musical production. 

    Later there was also the development of the first official radio compilation ‘m2o Compilation’ which soon became the stations primary marketing tool resulting in great success both in terms of business development and trademark as well as record sales themselves becoming one of the most sold compilations throughout the Italian territory winning four Golden Discs.

    With an ever persistent eye and awareness on new technologies Amerigo developed the first dual disk supported video mixed compilation in Italy, ‘m2o The Dance Night’ that also became a two-hour television program on All Music TV and further developed into an additional three dual disk named ‘m2all Shock’.

    In 2007 Amerigo Provenzano developed the very first live m2o broadcast called ‘Out Of Mind’ that featured international DJ’s such as Axwell, Angello, Ingrosso, Fedde Le Grand and Cerrone. During this period numerous productions were launched under his own name as well as under various pseudonyms. 

    Then in 2009 he revolutionized his radio program by changing his name as well as its time slot (from 3-5pm to 4-6pm) becoming the ‘Provenzano DJ Show’ involving a rapper (D. Borri), a singer (Lizzy B) and a dubber (Gaia Bolognesi) that resulted in a crossover between electronic music, hip hop, melody and words. The program also featured special guest stars and international DJ’s like Judge Jules, Laidback Luke, Joachim Garraud and DJ Antoine.

    The new program drove hard and succeeded in becoming the m2o stations top program in terms of viewing figures and awareness.

    In Provenzano DJ’s live performances you can find the elements that have characterized his very own professional development, technological innovation and research in fact made him one of the very first Italians to use Ableton Live during his DJ sets, something that enables him to physically play whilst at the same time interacting with the software creating live mash-ups that render each and every set different from the last. 

    In 2009, in partnership with his close friends who are also DJ/producers Ranucci&Pelusi, he released important remixes for international names such as Fedde Le Grand – ‘Scared Of Me’, Axwell, Ingrosso, Angello & Laidback Luke – ‘Leave The World Behind’, Greg Cerrone – ‘Taking Control Of You’ and Bingo Players – ‘I Will Follow’. Along with Ranucci&Pelusi he also developed ‘We Love Music’ that is a one night show where all three professionals play together resulting in some very unique performances.

    Whether live or on the radio, Amerigo Provenzano has that special ability of captivating and involving the public, sharing his musical world that is characterized by energy and style.

    In 2010, under the Reder8 pseudonym, Provenzano released the track entitled ‘Amazing’ that instantly became a big club hit and got some full on support from the Swedish House Mafia, Steve Angello, Chuckie, Laidback Luke, Tiesto and Erik Morillo just to name a few.

    Then during the Summer of 2011 we saw The Fabulous with Mariguana Cha Cha Cha’ that was put on heavy rotation by all the big Italian networks as well as a hit in the clubs. The track also became the soundtrack to the television advert of the m2o compilation. 

    This brings us to 2012 where we witness a very interesting new path in the route that Provenzano DJ is travelling; first off there is the close collaboration with the Henry John Morgan team with who he realizes the track ‘Turn You On’ Feat. The Audio Dogs as well as the brand new single ‘Touch The Sky’ with the amazing vocals by Amanda Wilson and remixes care of Federico Scavo and Paris & Simo. Another important collaboration comes in the shape of Jaypress UK Management who are currently looking after foreign press, promotions, foreign club interaction and much more for Provenzano DJ.

    With his recent participation at the SoundRome Festival alongside international artists like Tiesto, Sebastian Ingrosso, Max Vangeli, Congorock, Nicky Romero and others – Provenzano is holding no punches!!!

    With a host of new productions on the conveyer belt, Provenzano is taking yet another big step towards musical notoriety, in fact his newest material has already gotten the thumbs up by many in the business and the dance floors around the globe are preparing for a new bombardment… 




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