Label Biography Items & Things When Magda, Marc Houle and Troy Pierce re-connected the dots in 2011, they completed the iconic triangle that currently symbolizes their music label, Items & Things. With a fresh interface and a unique concept, the team behind the imprint carefully hand-selected new talent along the way; within the past year, Items & Things has seen break-through releases from newcomers Danny Benedettini and Madato. Combining the unrestrained tastes of the trio, the label poses as a launch platform for various bits and pieces of uniqueness from old friends, familiar names and new, undiscovered talent they simply believe in. “Items and Things are bits and pieces of uniqueness we come across,” they say. “The label is a platform to launch the music that we love. There are no rules, just sounds we like and artists we believe in.” Punchy introductions were made in 2011 with six new EPs from the label roster, and 2012 saw the release of the first full album since the comeback ("Undercover" by Marc Houle). With many more releases in the pipeline, Items & Things releases the VARIABLES summer compilation box set in July 2012, featuring fresh works from Items & Things artists, new friends and familiar faces from the likes of Populette, Rework, Jimmy Edgar and more. As well as their label, this techno trio also plans to continue with their boutique Down & Out party series. Aiming to recapture some of the rawness of yesterday, the parties take place in underground venues across the globe. The concept visually – is to enter a space that feels new. Fans should expect detail in decoration, excellent visual graphics & lighting effects, and more surprises! Down & Out nights are about music you can reach out & touch. Big music for sweatier spaces. From the weird and the wonderful to the dark and experimental, you can expect it all from Items & Things and Down & Out! Items & Things releases and merchandise now available at Connect with Items & Things: