Folkstone born at the end of 2004 with a project that aims to combine hard rock with “ancient” instruments. In their powerful gigs, that they perform on stages and festivals in Italy and abroad, they offer a mix of their four albums: Folkstone (Fuel Records), Damnati ad Metalla (Fuel Records), the acoustic collection Sgangogatt (Folkstone Records) and Il Confine (Folkstone Records). A rich and varied sound impact accompanys tales from the past with themes of the present, narrated by the unique Italian singing of Lore, the historical founder. Bagpipes, bombards, harp, cittern, hurdy-gurdy and flutes are the most important characters of the scene and they create a charming atmosphere that has always characterized the band and the feeling with their audience. With their latest album Il Confine (2012) Folkstone definetively leave their label and they play a long series of concerts in an intense tour focused on Italy. Adrenaline and a sound that alternates sweeping songs and rhythmic ballad offer the result of a really unique show. If you want to get an idea of that, enjoy the latest Folkstone effort, that is their first Live DVD recorded in November 2012. Restano I Frammenti (Folkstone Records) is the title of this work, that wants to hold the essence of this group: rock and pure energy.