Born in Paisley in Scotland from father to offspring Tuscan (native of Barga in the province of Lucca) and British mother. The parents run a fish and chip shop. It owes its love of music to his father, since his youngest age, led him down this path. Nutini takes part in the choir of his school and it is on these occasions that his teacher notices it and makes recommendations to improve her vocal technique.  The beginning [edit | edit wikitext] In 2003 his countryman David Sneddon won the first series of the BBC's Fame Academy (the British version of Friends). A Paisley is a show organized to celebrate his return to the city from the BBC studios. But Sneddon, traveling from London, is lagging behind in the festivities . To appease the public by the delay irritated Sneddon, a DJ of a local radio station is organizing a quiz, which he sees as prize a chance to perform on stage. Nutini wins and performs, becoming noted by Ken Nelson, a producer who offered him a partnership kicking off his career. At 17 he moved to London where he began performing in clubs in the city. The turning point came with the Internet: a couple of his songs on the network are among the most downloaded through word of mouth . Nutini is found to open concerts for artists such as Amy Winehouse and KT Tunstall.