Nerodia’s serpent’s lair is born around late 2004 by guitarist & vocalist Giulio Serpico Marini and bass player Davide Villa. With its roots deeply anchored in old school raw thrash with a punk attitude, the band soon evolves itself to a more actual black metal style, heavily influenced by european Black and Death metal acts. The first remarkable live apparition of the band is dated in 2007, with drummer Francesco Latini and guitar player Luca Fois on second guitar. After a bunch of successful live performances the band records its first selftitled demo in 2008, which receives very good reviews and leads to the recordings of the first album, “Heretic Manifesto”. Unfortunately the collaboration with Davide ends before the recording session, so the bass duties are left to Valerio, which stays in the band just for the recordings and some shows. The album, available exclusively in digital support, receives very good reviews, and the band keeps hitting the stage promoting it. After few gigs Ivan Contini joins Nerodia on bass guitar and Dario teams up on second guitar, in 2010. During the Summer of 2012, the band is close to giving up because of line up problems, so takes its time to gather up ideas and renew the line up. October 2012 is a crucial month for Nerodia: David Folchitto (Stormlord, Screaming Banshees) is recruited to help on drums and Marco Montagna (VII Arcano) is called to arms on lead guitars. The renewed and proud combo unleashes its first bullets in a live set with Aura Noir, setting the basis for a what will be the 2013 version of Nerodia: faster, heavier, more direct and more raw than before! Time rushes but the 4 are ready to store down the new energies on record, so in no time new tracks are settled and recorded and the “Prelude to Misery” EP sees light. The EP sounds old and modern at the same time. Venom meets Possessed shake hands with Satyricon, Destruction bangs with Immortal. The record will be available from November the 11th, 2013 on Revalve Records.





LAZIO - DATE: 05/06/2015 - START: 20:00