English Bio:
The hardest thing for new projects in the music business is to find an identity, a new concept, a new sound, a different style , new colors. All the above describes Grupo Extra.

The key members of Grupo Extra are El Nene Flow (Neftali Caba), El Turko (Yassir Neher), Tony Santana (Edward Anthony Regalado Santana), Manny Rod (Emmanuel Rodriguez) y Yewdry Alvarado..

Tony Santana is the rapper and composer of all the songs of Grupo Extra. Born in La Vega , Dominican Republic, with an immense talent for composition, comes to music as a means of joining the Dominican community in Zürich.

Manny Rod is the main singer of the group. At a very young age he showed a special talent for singing and therefore began to study music. He possesses a versatile voice that fits with Bachata, Ballads, R&B and other rhythms.

Led by Fidel Perez, artistic promoter with vast experience , who has worked for 6 years with the most successful Bachata group of all time, AVENTURA. Fidel directed the career of the group towards Bachata because he understood that the boys had the talent and ability for it.

Grupo Extra is already known as a group with a big stage presence, a lot of strength and energy, perfect choreographies and beautiful harmonies.

In their relatively short career Grupo Extra has shared the stage with great figures of the International Latin Music scene like Daddy Yankee, Wyclef Jean, Jorge Celedon, Kasav, Los Van Van de Cuba, Guayacan of Colombia, Prince Royce, Hector Acosta and others.

They have also presented their shows in internationally renowned venues as Kaufleuten Zurich , Geneva Arena , Palais Nikaia in Nice and at big events like the Antilliansee Festival of Belgium, Milano`s Latinoamericando Festival , Fiesta Festival of Rome, Paris Latino Festival Allstars , The Pole Pole and many others of great importance.

Grupo Extra is promoting their new hit single “Te Vas” which has already created a huge buzz internationally. The expectation for this Bachata group has no limits. Grupo Extra invites you to join them on their "musical journey" that is just beginning!





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