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aethereal arthropod, aitor etxebarria, aj tracey, amnesia scanner, anderson .paak & the free nationals, andy stott, anímic, arca (live) & jesse kanda (av), avalon emerson & courtesy, bad gyal, bawrut, beautiful swimmers, bejo, benji b, bflecha, boris chimp 504, bsn posse, c. tangana, carl craig’s versus synthesizer ensemble, cashmere cat, cerrone, ches, christian tiger school, clams casino, clara 3000, clark, connectome, conor thomas, craig richards, crystal / sparrows, DAWN, damian lazarus, daniel brandt & eternal something, daphni & hunee, david lang: "death speaks" performed by stargaze, de la soul, deena abdelwahed, dellafuente y maka, denis sulta, derrick carter, diego armando, dj bus replacement service, dj florentino, dj shadow, dubfire, earl sweatshirt, elysia crampton, entropy, eric prydz, etyen, evian christ, fat freddy’s drop, floorplan live (robert hood & lyric hood), fira fem, forest swords, fran lenaers, fuego squad: dj2d2 & will blake, gaika, ghostly enemies, giggs, heidi, huma, hvob, jacques, jacques greene, jlin, joe goddard (live), jon hopkins (dj), juan ingaramo, juana molina, judah, julián mayorga, justice, kablam, keys n krates, kiddy smile, kinder malo & pimp flaco, lamusa, lanoche, lcc, lena willikens, little dragon, lunice, marcel dettmann & dr rubinstein, marco carola, marie davidson, mario nieto, masters at work (6h set), matmos, miiin, moderat, nadia rose, nick hook, nico muhly, nicolas jaar, nina kraviz, nonotak, nosaj thing + daito manabe, oblique & carlos bayona, optimo, overmono, pan daijing, pauk, playback maracas, princess nokia, prins thomas, rayray, river tiber, roosevelt, rp boo, rumore, sandro jeeawock, seth troxler & tiga (6h set), sofie winterson, sohn, soulection, soulwax,

star eyes b2b jubilee, stööki sound, sturla atlas, suicideyear, suzanne ciani, t q d, tarik barri ft. lea fabrikant,

telmo trenor, the black madonna, thundercat, tommy cash,total freedom, toxe, tutu, valgeir sigurdsson,veronica vasicka, vitalic - odc live, ylia, yung beef, yves tumor, zutzut & imaabs

Giovedi 15 Giugno:
andy stott

arca (live) & jesse kanda (av)

bawrut, bflecha

boris chimp 504

bsn posse

conor thomas

christian tiger school

 craig richards


daniel brandt & eternal something

denis sulta

dj bus replacement service

earl sweatshir

dopplereffekt + antivj + scientists + artist-coders


forest swords




princess nokia

prins thomas


rp boo


tarik barri ft. lea fabrikant

tommy cash



yung beef

yves tumor

Venerdi 16 Giugno:
aitor etxebarri

 bad gyal


damian lazarus

diego armando

 dj florentino

 elysia crampto


evian christ

fat freddy's drop

 floorplan live (robert hood & lyric hood)


juan ingaramo

juana molina,

julián mayorga


kiddy smile

kinder malo & pimp flaco



lena willikens

marie davidson


pan daijing

playback maracas

river tiber


sofie winterson

stööki sound

sturla atlas

suzanne ciani

Sabato 17 Giugno:
aethereal arthropod

amnesia scanner 

anímic, bejo

c. tangana


crystal / sparrows

deena abdelwahed

dellafuente y maka

fira fem


ghostly enemies


joe goddard (live)

keys n krates


nadia rose

nico muhly

nosaj thing + daito manabe

oblique & carlos bayona





star eyes b2b jubilee


telmo trenor


total freedom

valgeir sigurdsson

veronica vasicka

zutzut & imaabs

Sónar 2017 will transform Barcelona into the global epicentre of electronic music and digital culture


The festival will present the European premiere of the new project from Carl Craig; the prodigious composer Nico Muhly as part of the 10th anniversary showcase for Icelandic label Bedroom Community; new live shows from EvianChrist, Clark, Vitalic and Little Dragon; and world class sets from selectors including Daphni & Hunee, Jon Hopkins, Prins Thomas andSeth Troxler & Tiga, who on Saturday will offer a joint 6-hour set in the circular sound stage of SonarCar.


This year Sónar will debut SonarXS, its ninth stage, located at Sónar by Day, where you will be able to intimately enjoy the freshest, most irreverent and extreme electronic music and street sounds: digital reggaeton, noise collage, dancehall and new mutations of trap. Highlights to include Kiddy Smile, Total Freedom, Deena Abdelwahed and DJ Florentino, among others.


The legendary French musician Cerronea disco master and a regular at New York’s Studio 54 with songs like "Supernature" or "Love In C Minor", will present a special show at Sónar by Night together with live vocalists and all the hits from his fabulous career.


Red Bull Music Academy and Sónar curate the SonarDôme stage, which will feature several established names as well as numerous young artists and new projects. Highlights include Californian producer Thundercat; American experimental duo Matmos; the world premiere of Detroit techno master Robert Hood’s show "Floorplanlive", alongside his daughter Lyric; And C. Tangana, perhaps today’s most critically and commercially successful name in the national rap scene.



Sónar+D will bring to Barcelona the latest advance in Artficial Intellingence and Virtual Reality applied to the arts from Google’s research & development teams.


Kenric McDowell, curator of ‘Machine Intelligence’ at Google AMI (Artists+Machine Intelligence); Freya Murray, program director at Google Arts & Culture Lab; Europe’s leading digital artists including Memo Akten and Darius Kazemi; and Edu Pou, executive creative director of the multi-award-winning US Virtual Reality studio Here Be Dragons, are just some of the experts who will participate at the 4 day congress. 


The business area Startup Garden powered by MIGRATIONspecializes in and fosters 30 startups focused on selected creative industries around the world. Mentors such as Joyce Lu, ex memeber of the MacBook Air design team; Jon Eades, head of the startup incubator for the legendary Abbey Road recording studio; and investment funds such as Edge Fund, one of the UK’s key cultural and entertainment funds; and Entrée Capital, which includes Snapchat among its successes.


Sónar+D will host the international Open Music Initiative meeting. Open Music Initiative is an ambitious project led by the Berklee Music College, the MIT Medialab research centre and the IDEOconsultancy. The initiative aims to create new standardised practices to unify digital music distribution and will bring together dozens of industry experts from companies including YouTube, Spotify and Universal.


In addition there will be amazing technological shows fromNonotak - one of today’s most globally important creative projects in the application of new technologies onstage - and Boris Chimp, with an audiovisual performance about the first chimpanzee sent to the Moon in 1969.


Among this year’s innovations will be Sonar360º by by Movistar+, a newly curated space in collaboration with Montréal’s SAT (Societé des Arts Technologiques), which will present immersive "fulldome" audiovisual pieces, projections and workshops.