Rome's Fiesta Privada party has rapidly established itself as one of the most unique underground music events in Europe, combining a daytime and outdoor environment for only the best quality electronic music. Having taken place in some exquisite locations in natural countryside around Rome, the party is synonymous with forward thinking and experimental electronic sounds. Beginning in 2007 as an after-hour to a big Circoloco festival taking place in Rome, this invitation only event (hence the name 'Fiesta Privada') took place in a grand villa located in the natural green and pleasant surrounds of Italy's capital. Residents of the party like Alex Picone were joined by Davide Squillace and Sossa to start a new vibe for the Italian scene. Through 2008, Fiesta Privada journeyed through various locations, such as luxury villas and castles, but always maintained a true open-air setting for the party to take place in. The success of the events lead to the evolution of the club's philosophy to provide daytime events – starting at 10am and finishing at midnight – with fresh underground talent, as seen by guests that year such as Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts and Junktion Sm (Dandy Jack and Sonja Monear), both of whom were making their Italian debuts. Fiesta Privada then found its home at the Castelfusano Country Club, located right on the coast outside of Rome, where the investment and effort to ensure the right experience really consolidated what Fiesta Privada is about. With the location and sound (DJs and soundsystem) already crucial, the philosophy developed to include much more than just a party in the daytime, here you could relax, take a hotel room, eat well, smoke well, dance or not dance, but always be in good company. This concept of an exclusively daytime electronic music event was and still is practically unique in Italy. Fiesta Privada 2009 – “Wake Up and Dance” saw the residents, Alex Picone, Mass Prod, minimono and Giorgio Roma all continuing to play a critical role in the party soundtrack, with an increasingly high profile roster of guest appearances. This included DJ Sneak returning to Italy for the first time in 11 years, as well as debuts in the country for Seth Troxler and Dave Aju, with Santos, Dinky and Pascal FEOS adding further spice. In 2010, the party theme was “Find Your Island”, representing the freedom revellers at Fiesta Privada parties have the opportunity to experience. More cutting edge music was provided thanks to the talented Visonquest Djs (Seth Troxler, Ryan Crosson, Shaun Reeves), Jamie Jones and Lee Foss, Timo Maas and Santos (as Mutant Clan), as well as others like Kyle Hall, DJ W!ld, Mike Shannon and Culoe De Song. Thanks to the reputation for musical excellence that Fiesta Privada has developed, they have increasingly taken their brand beyond Rome's boundaries, including a World Tour in 2010 and 2011 that has seen them collaborate with Club Der Visionaire in Berlin, Alte Borse in Zurich, Porat Club in Croatia and 3 parties in Florianopolis, Brazil. 2011 sees the continued evolution of Fiesta Privada, as it takes residence in Monte Gelato Comune di Mazzano Romano area under the magical village of Calcata, 40km north of Rome. Born in the name of fun, for a limited number of people, Fiesta Privada, thanks mainly to the flamboyance of its party people, and the performances of its world reknowned djs, has become an unmissable show for all dance music lovers! We invite you all to secret locations immersed in the depths of nature, where you'll have the possibility of booking a number of bedrooms, to enjoy a special day out. The first ever open-air party in Italy to start in the morning! FIESTA PRIVADA 2007 FIESTA PRIVADA 2008 FIESTA PRIVADA "WAKE UP AND DANCE" 2009 FIESTA PRIVADA "FIND YOUR ISLAND" 2010 FIESTA PRIVADA "ONLY DEAD FISH SWIM WITH THE STREAM" 2011 FIESTA PRIVADA "2.0 DO IT OR FORGET IT" 2012 FIESTA PRIVADA "BACK TO THE FUTURE" NYE 2013 FIESTA PRIVADA "BACK TO THE ROOTS" HALLOWEEN 2013 FIESTA PRIVADA "THE MEANING OF LIFE" HALLOWEEN 2014 FOR EVER IN THE WORLD FROM JANUARY TILL DECEMBER AND ONLY WITH SUNSHINE! NEXT EVENT TO BE ANNOUNCED ! more info on




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